Here are some of my more recent and/or enjoyable presentations.


"Short Words and Sock Puppets: 8 Simple Rules for Communicating Security Programs to Management." From the MISTI CISO Summit 2015, an easy-to-understand methodology for ensuring your communication is clear, understandable, and - most important - effective in conveying your program.

"Conducting a Risk Assessment for Mobile Devices" was a presentation at the MISTI Mobile and Smart Devices Security conference in 2013. In the session we did the risk assessment live and learned a few things in the process.

My MISTI IT Governance, Risk and Compliance talk, "Risk Management for Those Who Like to Sleep at Night," was a fun look at the myths and realities of how to build an effective risk management program without driving yourself crazy.

MISTI CISO Summit 2012: The Role of the CISO in 2012.
Another turn at predicting the future. Maybe I'll be right this time!

The Mobile Security Show: An AT&T Tech Channel series that explores the issues and solutions around securing mobile devices. I participated in a panel discussion for Episode 2. Hosted by Veronica Belmont and Dino Dai Zovi, with fellow panelists Ed Amoroso (AT&T), Charles Crouchman (Mformation), and Robert Griffin (RSA).

Mobile Device Security Presentations: Here are two presentations from the recent MISTI Mobile & Smart Device Security and IT Audit & Control conferences in October 2011. There is a lot of commonality between the two, but each has a different core message.

The farmer and the cowman can be friends!

It's not rocket science!

CSO Perspectives Conference 2011 - Maturing the Application Security Assessment Program
Go horizontal for better coverage.

MISTI CISO Summit 2007 - Opening Keynote Remarks
What will the next generation CISO look like?

InfoSec World 2007 - Getting From Good to Great
Security organization development and improvement

eWeek Security Summit - 2004 - Security Architecture in the Real World
Everything I Needed to Know About Security Architecture I Learned in High School Physics

Joint presentation of some original research done by Glenn Cater and the CCANS gang at Lucent Technologies

ISSA 2002 - Financial Fraud
Where it's been, Where it's going