Personal Projects

This is a page for my personal projects, hobbies, and other works that have nothing to do with my professional life. Many of them are Arduino projects, as that has captured much of my attention and imagination lately. 

Everybody needs an outlet! :-)

Source code for these and other projects can be found on my GitHub page.

HexClock: My first Arduino project! A pretty standard clock arrangement, except the time and date are displayed as hexadecimal and binary numbers.

HexClock Touch: The same basic premise as HexClock, but this time I wanted to make it colorful using a TFT touch display.

The Game of Life: This is a simulation of Conway's Game of Life using a 32x16 LED matrix. A very interesting project that captivated me for several weeks. The keen observer will notice that this project looks a lot like the HexClock. It should, because I re-purposed the hardware and case from that project. In fact, the circuitry is exactly the same as HexClock minus the DS3231 real time clock. Who needs a clock for a GoL simulation?

dupReport: A program to gather and summarize Duplicati backup report emails. My first Python program, so please be kind!